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Not getting any hits on your résumé?

It's not because of lack of skills.

Is your cover letter essentially a template with your name at the top?

Infuse it with real personality,

not buzzwords.

To show you're credible, you need to sound credible. But what if no one stops to read your résumé? My process includes crisp formatting, as well as copyedits to ensure you sound professional, competent, and

confidently yourself.


After I give your job application materials a total overhaul, your expertise will command attention.

ésumés & CVs


“Before I wasn't getting any calls, and now I have five interviews scheduled! I had a suspicion my old résumé wasn't doing me any favors, but the response I've gotten this time around confirmed it."

Jessy Hegland

Filmmaker / Blogger

“The edits and fixes made on my Curriculum Vitae really brought out the best of my work and articulated what I was trying to say more strongly.


I feel more confident in applying for jobs with this polished résumé, and I also learned a lot from what was fixed. The Logical Editor not only edits but also empowers clients to be their very best.”

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