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To get your dream job, you have to get noticed.

Logical Résumés express everything you need to land an interview: your

industry, your personality, and all your skills – not just the experiences that

match the job description. You are more than your job. And that's what will

guide you to success.

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“Before I wasn't getting any calls, and now I have five interviews scheduled! I had a suspicion my old résumé wasn't doing me any favors, but the response I've gotten this time around confirmed it."

Jessy Hegland

Filmmaker / Blogger

“The edits and fixes made on my Curriculum Vitae really brought out the best of my work and articulated what I was trying to say more strongly.


I feel more confident in applying for jobs with this polished résumé, and I also learned a lot from what was fixed. The Logical Editor not only edits but also empowers clients to be their very best.”

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