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“I love working with you because you never destroy my voice when you edit. You enhance, you craft, you refine. But I never feel like I lose myself."

“Genuine, positive, and supportive, with invaluable teaching and editing skills. The Logical Editor helped me shift my own internal association with writing from negative and scary to positive and fulfilling.

“The Logical Editor possesses the unique skill of taking poorly written content and transforming it into smoothly flowing, professional prose."

Don't face the blank page alone.

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truly logical approach to editing goes beyond applying the rules of grammar – even breaking with tradition in the interest of honoring the author's voice and intention.

By understanding why each grammar guideline was created and upheld – as well as how language works on a psychosociological level – my style of supporting writers and readers seeks out the best possible words to represent the author, ideas, and context in the world.

My process includes considering why each word is where it is, reorganizing ideas so they unfold in an organic way, and looking for opportunities to include more readers.

There's no such thing as perfect writing. Logical editing ensures your ideas are accessible – and fun to read – for as many people as possible.