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Without the right words, your best ideas get lost in the fray.


Effective communication is an important aspect of life, whether for business, creative expression, or promoting personal interests.

There are countless reasons to hire a copy editor, and they all boil down to one concern: something feels incomplete.

Whether the ideas are still being formed in your thoughts, or you have pages of content completed, I'll be your guide to the final draft.

In collaboration, I've helped clients:

•  Express their expertise & opinions


•  Create genuine & engaging personal


​•  Develop content from basic brainstorming​


•  Alleviate stress from their writing process

•  Pinpoint strengths & weaknesses as a writer

•  Craft cookbooks from original recipes




“Complex ideas and concepts [are] simplified so they are easy to understand. In addition, the tone of the book is very positive and motivational.”
Reader, The Edge of Strength by Scott Iardella


“In writing my first book I was nervous to hire help but knew I needed a professional. The Logical Editor listened to what I wanted, and when questioned on something, explained in full detail. It is hard to find someone this understanding, qualified, professional, and fair. I am 100% confident going to print!”


“Free book, worth buying, true to title, great recipes, straightforward directions, common ingredients, perfectly formatted (which is inconsistent with the e-cookbooks I've come across)—a winner!”
Reader, The Part-Time Vegan Cookbook by Lindsay Hudson





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